Terms and Conditions

skiverseconnect is an Internet domain and is a registered trademark of SKITIC OTA, S.L. , with VAT B66552720 , registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona.

SKITIC OTA, S.L., has the necessary permits and licenses to carry out the activities of a travel agency according to the regulations of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia (Spain). This title-license guarantees all our clients that our agency has contracted the civil liability insurance and guarantees in possession of the relevant administration that would allow it to face the responsibilities derived from any of our trips.

The use by the user of the services contained in the website www.Skiverseconnect.com implies the express acceptance of the following general conditions of the contract:

1. Definitions and Scope

The terms of the contract should be understood according to the following definitions:

“skiverseconnect”: Registered trademark SKITIC OTA, S.L. acts as a travel wholesaler-retail agency.

“Client”: A customer is understood as the person who reserves one or more services from those offered on our website.

“Services”: Service is understood as any service offered by skiverseconnect on its websites, such as the sale of ski passes.

“Website”: Website is understood as www.Skiverseconnect.com

“Provider”: This refers to the service providers of SKITIC OTA, S.L., such as ski passes.

skiverseconnect is authorized to modify these General Conditions at any time and without prior notice, however, these changes will not affect the reservations that skiverseconnect has accepted prior to the modification. For this reason, the client is recommended to read, save, and print a copy of these General Conditions when making their reservation.

2. Legal Capacity to Contract

The user declares that he/she is of legal age (over 18 years old) and that he/she has the necessary legal capacity to contract the services offered by Skiverseconnect.com, stating that he/she accepts the connection of this agreement and understands and accepts in full the conditions here announced for the use of the website and the services offered.

In the case of booking by minors, the authorization of the parents or legal guardians will be required in order to proceed with the reservation of the services offered. skiverseconnect is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data completed by the user and, therefore, cannot verify the age of the under-age.

3. Knowledge and Express Acceptance of the Conditions

The booking of a service offered by skiverseconnect implies the knowledge and express acceptance of these General Conditions. Likewise, the booking of a specific tourist service offered by the Skipass providers listed in skiverseconnect implies the explicit acceptance of the general contracting conditions of the supplier in question that will be exposed in the offer.

In case of conflict, disagreement, or inconsistency between these General Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions of each offer, the latter will prevail.

4. Formalisation of Reservations

4.1. Process

When the user makes his booking through the website of skiverseconnect , the booking will remain in “pending” status and will not be confirmed until the deposit or full payment is made through the corresponding system within a maximum period of 24 business hours, if not done within the aforementioned period, skiverseconnect reserves the right to cancel the client’s reservation.

4.2. Confirmation of Reservation of the place

The confirmation of a reservation will be sent by skiverseconnect to the client by email in which the essential elements of the contract will be included, such as the services and products contracted, the price, and the date of enjoyment of the service. In the same email, a link will be attached so that the client can access your file and provide all the complementary information required for the correct formalization of the purchase, such as names and surnames, ages, birthdates, and relative data to the accommodation of all users of the contracted products.

4.3. Document that formalizes the contract

Once the payment of the reservation is made, skiverseconnect will send a confirmation voucher to the customer through email. This voucher has the nature of a receipt and must be presented at the entrance to the establishment of the service contracted as a receipt for the payment made in order to use them.

In case the client does not receive his confirmation voucher for services, it is advisable that the client contact us through the contact systems that appear on our website or to the email BOOKING@Skiverseconnect.com.

The payment of the services contracted to skiverseconnect ends with the receipt of the service confirmation voucher. However, some providers may ask the customer for the number of their credit cards that will operate as a guarantee of the possible payment of services consumed or of possible damages caused.

The client, returning from his trip, may request referral of bill supporting services provided by providers SKITIC OTA, S.L. For organizational reasons, to request the bill is essential that the customer wait to have enjoyed the contracted service and request your invoice via the contact form provided on the website www.Skiverseconnect.com

The client expressly accepts that the invoice accrediting the provision of services is sent to him via email to the address that he or she consigns in the contact form.

4.4. Document File

SKITIC OTA, S.L.  that the contract signed between the parties will be filed in the company’s data storage systems and that this will not be accessible by the user unless the user so dictates them expressly through the form of contact enabled on the website of www.Skiverseconnect.com

4.5. Communications with the Client

The customer expressly accepts that the communications made by SKITIC OTA, S.L.e through the email indicated by the customer.

In case of detecting any incident related to the reservation of a client, skiverseconnect will contact the customer by means of the email indicated by the latter.

In case of not being able to contact the client through the aforementioned channel, skiverseconnect will try to contact the customer by telephone. However, if the telephone route is unsuccessful, the client expressly accepts to be notified of any eventuality by sending, by skiverseconnect , the email in which such circumstance is reported.

5. Veracity of the Data and Privacy Policy

The user, to be able to contract the different services offered by skiverseconnect on its website, declares that all the information provided at the time of booking is true, complete and accurate.

The client who formalizes a reservation expressly authorizes skiverseconnect to proceed to include in a privately owned automated file the personal data that appear in the fields of the form for the proper provision of their services.

The user is responsible for correctly providing their data that must match those that appear on your ID or passport. skiverseconnect is not responsible for any problems that may result from the omission or falsification of data.

In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will be included in an automated file called Customers and/or Suppliers, registered in the Registry of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection with number 2152041448 that is protected with the necessary technical measures to avoid its alteration or loss.

It is indicated that the person in charge of the file is the commercial company SKITIC OTA, S.L., located in Mossen Josep Pons Num. 1 P 3 PTA 1 in Terrassa and that the customer can exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and/or modification by sending an email to customer@Skiverseconnect.com or by mail addressed to the aforementioned registered office.

The data provided by the client will be treated in accordance with the provisions of our privacy policy.

6. Communication and Data Transfer to Third Parties

In order to ensure the correct development of the products and/or services contracted, we inform you that skiverseconnect will share your personal data with the service provider that the client reserves. The user accepts this transfer of data and expressly authorizes SKITIC OTA, S.L. – through skiverseconnect – so that it can proceed to the communication of the personal data of the client that will be used by the service provider with the strict and the sole purpose of the good development of the contracted service.

Also, in those cases where it is not the user who makes the reservation who must enjoy and benefit from the contracted services, the User expressly agrees to obtain the consent for the transfer of their data of those third parties who should benefit from the same, all before communicating your data to skiverseconnect.

7. Cancellation Policy and Modifications

Skiverseconnect.com is concerned with establishing a clear and understandable modification and cancellation policy so that the client knows exactly the consequences of a possible modification and/or cancellation of their reservation.

In spite of not proceeding with the right of withdrawal in the acquisition of housing services other than those intended for housing in accordance with the provisions of article 103 of the Consumer and Users Act, the client will have the right to modify and/or cancel his/her reservation being subject both faculties to the provisions of these General Conditions of Contract and the provisions of the Particular Conditions of each offer.

The commercial operation of Skiverseconnect.com incurs administrative, personal, computer platform, and similar expenses that are necessary to process the reservations of our clients. These expenses, although always existing, should only be paid in case the client decides to modify or cancel his/her reservation.

7.1. Management Fees Applicable to Reservations

As indicated above, skiverseconnect incurs certain management expenses that the client must face if he wishes to modify or cancel his reservation. The amount of the expenses mentioned is summarized below:

a) Reservations carry management costs of 5% of the total amount of the reservation.

b) Reservations carry a minimum management fee of 10 euros per reservation if the amount of 5% does not reach this established minimum.

7.2. Reservation Modifications

Any modification of a reservation formalized by the client will entail fixed costs of 10 euros and is subject to the availability of the accommodation or provider to host the guest on other dates to those selected at first.

The reservation modifications can generate modification costs that the service provider establish in accordance with the possible variations of rates and costs applicable to a specific period, these expenses will be determined at the moment prior to the cancellation according to the type of modification that the client wishes to make. This being so, the client will be able to know, before proceeding with the modification of his reservation, the existence and amount of the modification expenses that will be charged by the service provider.

To know exactly the aforementioned modification costs, the user should contact the skiverseconnect Customer Service Department through the contact form on the website www. skiverseconnect .com , these requests being addressed during customer service hours on our website.

In the event that the trip organizer is obliged to modify significantly any essential element of the contract, such modification will be immediately notified to the consumer. The consumer and user will have the power to terminate the contract without any penalty or accept the variations proposed by the organizer. In the event of an essential modification of a package trip, the provisions of clause 9.b) of these general contracting conditions will be followed.

The client is obliged to pay the management and/or modification costs mentioned in previous paragraphs if they exist. Failure to comply with this obligation entitles skiverseconnect .com to cancel the reservation without a refund of the amounts paid by the customer.

In accordance with the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws as well as Decree 168/1994, of 30 May, regulation of the travel agencies of Catalonia, modified by Decree number 158/2012, of November 20, at all times the consumer may desist from the services requested or contracted having the right to the return of the amounts that would have paid but must indemnify the service provider in the amounts that it provides in its particular clauses, which the same provider of the service should inform the client at the time of making the reservation.

8. Amount reimbursement

If reimbursement is made to the client once the deductions mentioned in the previous clause have been made, skiverseconnect .com will pay the amount due. The client must bear in mind that the reimbursement of the amounts may take a few days, a period that in no case will exceed 14 days.

In case the client has made the payment of their reservation by credit card, the amount will be returned to the account associated with the card with which the payment was formalized. On the other hand, if the client made the payment of their reservation by bank deposit, skiverseconnect .com will require, the same email address from which the reservation was formalized, so that the client proceeds to set the account number to which the reimbursement of the amounts paid must be made.

9. Overbooking and Cancellation at the request of Skiverseconnect.com

Skiverseconnect.com will be exempted from the payment of the aforementioned compensation when the cancellation of the trip is due to force majeure or because the minimum number of people registered for the departure of a certain trip is not reached, provided that all comply with the legal requirements established in article 159.4º of Royal Decree 1/2007 for the Defense of Consumers and Users.

Failure to fully pay for the services requested in the period and manner established in section 4.1 of these General Conditions Skiverseconnect.com is entitled to proceed with the automatic cancellation of the reservation.

10. Prices and Taxes

If nothing is said in the opposite, the prices shown in the offer visible to the customer are the final prices per person and stay or service (VAT included) that the user must pay to SKITIC OTA, S.L. However, the local authorities of Certain Autonomous Communities and certain countries may impose additional tourist taxes that must be paid at the place where the trip is made. In the aforementioned cases, said the tax will be reflected in the offer of the trip and the client will be the one who will be affected by the payment of the tax or rate.

skiverseconnect may decline any type of contractual liability in case of typographical or numerical errors in its offers that involve a manifest and obvious error that could not go unnoticed by the average user. This liability exemption will only operate on those errors in respect of which skiverseconnect has proceeded with the diligence and immediacy required for its correction, communicating such situation to the customer in a fast manner and refunding, if applicable, the amounts that would have been paid by him.

For the cases in which the user contracts a package trip, the prices may only be revised, without prejudice to the provisions of the previous section, in those cases where there is a variation in the price of transport, including the cost of fuel. as the taxes and fees related to certain services. In order for these price variations to take effect for the consumer and user, this must be clearly reported by skiverseconnect at least 20 days before departure.

11. Right of Assignment of Reservation

The consumer or user of a service or trip will have the right to freely assign his reservation to a person who meets all the conditions required for the enjoyment of it.

By virtue of the legislation in force, the person who transfers his reservation and the transferee thereof will be jointly and severally liable for the payment of the amount of the service and the additional expenses justified that said transfer might cause.

12. Incidents and Responsibilities

In order to solve any incident that occurred during the course of the contracted service, skiverseconnect recommends to the consumer or user that the complaints, incidents, or claims that are made be recorded in the place of destination where the service provider is developed in order that these can be resolved in the shortest period of time possible.

However, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation SKITIC OTA, S.L. will respond, together with all those involved in the development of the service, of the breach or defective performance of the contract, provided that this was not due to circumstances attributable to the consumer and user or when said noncompliance is due to force majeure or those causes that, despite the diligence of SKITIC OTA, S.L., could not have been avoided.

13. Use of the website and contents

This website is intended solely and exclusively for the personal use of users. Modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, resale, and any other form of exploitation, whether for commercial purposes or not, is prohibited. The customer agrees not to use this website for illegal or prohibited purposes.

In particular, the user of the website accepts that he can only use the website for himself and that the products or services acquired through the website will be destined to his own use or consumption or that of the people on behalf of those who are legally authorized. to act and hire. The user will not resell the products or services acquired through the website to other people.

14. Intellectual and Industrial Property

All contents, trademarks, logos, drawings, designs, etc., that appear on the skiverseconnect website are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights and are expressly reserved for SKITIC OTA, S.L., or, in their case, for natural or legal persons that appear as authors or owners of the aforementioned rights. The violation of the foregoing rights will be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.

It is strictly forbidden any use of the content of this website, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, subsequent publication, exhibition or total or partial representation thereof, for uses other than the legitimate information or hiring of users of the services offered.

15. Use of Photographs and Illustrations

skiverseconnect does everything possible so that the photographs and illustrations it displays on its website correspond to reality and offer a visual representation of the services it sells. The purpose of the inclusion of these images is to be able to offer the client a more detailed impression of the contracted services. However, these photographs should not be considered as an exact statement of the services but as a merely indicative parameter of the same.

16. Commercial Guarantees and Insurance

skiverseconnect offers its customers the possibility of subscribing, in an optional and optional way, ski insurance that allows the client to cover any expenses incurred as a result of medical assistance due to illness, accident or repatriation.

skiverseconnect recommends to its customers the subscription of the ski insurance referred to as well as the careful reading of the coverage stated in the policy.

17. Claims management

For claims management, the customer should contact the customer service department submitting their complaints/claims through the contact section that you will find on the website of Skiverseconnect.com.

For claims management, the customer should contact the customer service department submitting their complaints/claims through the contact section that you will find on the website of Skiverseconnect.com.

18. Use of Cookies

At Skiverseconnect.com we use cookies to collect information from users and thus improve your browsing experience with us.

A cookie is a small file where information is stored in your browser or device. This information is saved for future visits that you make on Skiverseconnect.com since the user’s activity is recorded during the browsing time (date of the last visit, browsing preferences, etc.). This information is used to speed up and facilitate user navigation.

The navigation, purchase, or subscription to the newsletter on the website of Skiverseconnect.com implies consent to the installation of the same (except to the extent that the user has modified the browser settings to reject cookies). The user can find more information about the type of cookies that Skiverseconnect.com uses in “Use of cookies”. For more information regarding the use and deactivation of cookies, you can visit our section….